Thuan Xuan Le
Thank you for visiting Here is a brief information about me. I am Vietnamese American. I have found drawing to be a great form of expression and communication since I was young. My passion in visual arts led me to pursue a fine art degree. I received a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. I worked several years in print, packaging, and web design in Jacksonville, Florida and San Diego, California.

Following a childhood dream to bring imaginative worlds to life, I decided to learn 3D Computer Graphics and received an MFA with an emphasis in 3D Modeling and Character Rigging at the Academy Art University in San Francisco, California.

I am currently a freelancing 3D Artist | Designer working in video game, 3D simulation, TV commercial, 3D animation, and feature film. Feel free to contact me for future collaborative projects.


Projects | Clients Include:

  St. Paul International Airport
- Flight Simulator - PC
Flightbeam Studios
Environment Artist
Veterans Heath Administration -
Virtual Medical Center
- Icon and Website Design
iDAvatars, Inc.
Graphic Designer
"40th Anniversary" &
"Original Bites"
- TV Commercial
CMB Advertising
Big Shiny Pixel
Texture Artist
"d' colour of Carnival!"
- TV Commercial
CMB Advertising
Big Shiny Pixel
Texture Artist
- Film
TriStar Pictures
Whiskytree Inc.
Environment Artist Assistant
    Archivo Cero
- CG Episodic Animation in HD
Inspirational Films Inc.
Character Modeler
- Multiplayer Fitness System
Positive Gaming
Environment Artist:
Concept art & 3D Environment Art
    Banbu Sushi
“The Origins of Sushi”
- TV Commercial
Emota Inc.
Character Modeler
    Sims 3
“Let There Be Sims”
- TV Commercial
Wieden + Kennedy
Electronic Arts
Marketing Maya Artist:
3D Character Art
      Dora Saves the Mermaids
- PS2
2K Play
Totally Games
Artist: 3D Character Art &
3D Environment Art
      Professional Bull Riding:
Out of the Chute

- PS2 | Wii
Crave Entertainment
Totally Games
Artist: 3D Character Art
Alien Syndrome
- PSP | Wii
Totally Games
Artist: Concept Art &
3D Environment Art