Thuan Xuan Le

VA-VMC - Veterans Health Administration Virtual Medical Center - iDAvatars, Inc.
Icon and website design proposal


ZBrush Custom Gizmo 3D - TXL Gizmo 3D V1 & V2 - Free ZBrush Custom Gizmo 3D for ZBrush 2018 | 2019. Custom Gizmo 3D designed with minimalist manipulators in mind for a better visibility while moving, rotating, & scaling models.


XR-26 Hellbringer - Assault Rifle Concept
Symbol & Weapon Selection Interface Design


AX-29 Thunderbird | Hawkeye | Between Light & Dark | MSK Metalskin 0623 - 3D Development
Symbol & Title Designs


Transform Go! - Totally Games
Logo design with hand drawn background Illustration


1 Virtual Place - Valintine's Day Gif Postcard | Saint Pattrick's Day Gif Postcard - First Virtual Holdings Inc.
Website design & animated Gif postcard with vector illustrations

Hard Rock Hotel - Randall International
Soap packaging design proposal

Miraval Resort - Randall International
Soap, body care, & sun care packaging design

Mountain Valley Lodge - Randall International
Sun care packaging design with hand drawn illustration

Vortexx 2000 Y2K Resourse Guide - Phoam Technologies
Video packaging design with digital art

Know When to Say When - University of North Florida
Poster design using collage technique