Thuan Xuan Le

XR-26 Hellbringer
Near future assault rifle design


AX-29 Thunderbird
Sci-fi attack aircraft design with 3D development


Alien Homeworld
Alien landscape painting

Between Light & Dark
Subway design sketch & 3D look development

Between Light & Dark
Cityscape concept where the poor are living at the bottom of a heavily polluted area while the rich are living in a clean protected upper area of the city. Big corporations are the highest in the city skyline

Environment design with 3D development


iDance2 - Multiplayer Fitness System - Positive Gaming
Environment concept & 3D development

Fortress Buster
Sci-fi heavy attack hover tank

Assault Tank
Sci-fi high speed attack hover tank

Commander Tank
Sci-fi command hover tank

Sci-fi interceptor attack aircraft